Tacker with Openstack(Mitaka)

There is no official documentation of installation of Tacker with mitaka release till now. I faced few issue in installation so thought any body will not struggle with those. If there is then those are for only KILO and Liberty. And there is adding topology support on KILO and Liberty release. So to take full fledge advantage of Tacker MITAKA is the correct release where we can add NFV topology, connection points, VDUs and Virtual links etc.

First install Openstack Mitaka using devstack. For this I recommend install vim and git first. Vim for editing files and git for cloning devstack and many more code. If you are using proxy then I please add proxy details on proxy using following command but I recommend try installation without proxy.

git config --global http.proxy http://pruser:prpwd@proxyserver:80

Now clone the devsack code for openstack MITAKA release:-

git clone https://www.github.com/openstack-dev/devstack.git -b stable/mitaka

After cloning we have to change in stackrc file . GIT_BASE macro from git://git.openstack.org to http://www.github.com. because sometime git.openstack.org behave weired. Now we are ready to run ./stack.sh in devstack directory. After completing the installation we get horizon IP but as we want to install tacker and neutron so  we have to follow below steps.

1) copy local.conf from samples to devstack directory.
2) edit local.conf with line below 
 enable_plugin tacker https://git.openstack.org/openstack/tacker  stable/mitaka
3) And on the bottom of file please enable few services by
    disable_service n-net
    enable_service q-svc
    enable_service q-agt
    enable_service q-dhcp
    enable_service q-l3
    enable_service tempest
    enable_service n-novnc
    enable_service n-cauth
    enable_service neutron
    enable_service horizon

3) Now run ./stack.sh

If you get lucky then u will not get any error but if you get error like

No Module found : opt.stack.tacker-horizon.openstack_dashboard.dashboard

Then got to /opt/stack directory and run below command

$git clone https://www.github.com/openstack/tacker-horizon
$cd tacker-horizon
$sudo python setup.py install
$cp openstack_dashboard_extensions/* /opt/stack/horizon/openstack_dashboard/enabled/
$sudo service apache2 restart
If last command gives error then dont worry,
next ./stack.sh will do everything fine.
After this you are having tacker in hand which will help you to explore the possibility
of Cloud and Tosca. 
If you get any issue please let me know.




SuccessFull Integration of Openstack(KILO) with Opendaylight(LITHIUM)))

This writeup is focused on integration of ODL and Openstack which is part of my work.I have faced some issues while integration and will discuss with you while explaining .

I have done this integration on two machine , on first machine Openstack(Kil0/Mitaka via devstack) is running and on another opendaylight(lithium SR3) is running.

  1. Clone the devstack Mitaka repository using command
    git clone https://www.github.com/openstack-dev/devstack.git -b stable/mitaka
  2. After cloning we have to change in stackrc file . GIT_BASE macro to git://git.openstack.org to http://www.github.com. because sometime git.openstack.org behave wired.
  3. Start the script ./stack.sh which will install openstack and will give you IP of horizon and keystone with password.
  4. On second machine start Opendaylight using ./bin/start this script will run ODL on background. To connect with this script we have to run ./bin/client and then you will get karaf console. No install only two features those are

    $opendaylight-user@root>feature:install odl-ovsdb-openstack odl-dlux-core

  5. It will take seconds after this lets check whether our neutron plugin of ODL is working fine or not using rest API . Fire this curl command on linux console of ODL.replace ip with your controller IP.

    $curl -u admin:admin I

    t will give output as which means there in nothing in ODL neutron

    sdn@compute:~/OPENSTACK_DEVESH/ODL$ curl -u admin:admin                                                                                                                           {   “networks” : [ ]

  6. As we want our all network related activity should be done my Opendaylight ovsdb then we have to clean neutron data from openstack.So clean router and network from HORIZON of Openstack. After deleting everything check whether any port exist on neutron or not using command                                                                                                       $neutron port-list
  7. Now stop Neutron server and Neutron openvswitch-agent from openstack. I you have done with devstack then we can stop Neutron server using $screen -x command. After entering into “screen-x”  press “ctrl+a” this is option tag now enter numeric value for q-svc(In my case it was 8) and q-agt(In my case it was 9) and “ctrl + c” which will kill running process of these two services.
  8. As till now openVswitch has been used by neutron but we want ODL use this ovs so we will stop and clear all of its database using following command.

    sudo  service openvswitch-switch stop
    sudo rm -rf /var/log/openvswitch/*
    sudo rm -rf /etc/openvswitch/conf.db
    sudo service openvswitch-switch start
    sudo ovs-vsctl show

  9. Now lets handove our openvswitch to opendaylight using below command. On port 6640 our ovsdb service is running. After with if u will do sudo ovs-vsctl show then you will find ODL has created one br-int bridge

    sudo ovs-vsctl set-manager tcp:<ODL Controller IP>:6640
    Manager “tcp:”
    Is_connected: true
    Bridge br-int
    Controller “tcp:”
    fail_mode: secure
    Port br-int

  10. Now important work is to handover neutron related task to opendaylight. Lets change /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini file with below configuration

    tenant_network_types = vxlan
    type_drivers = flat,vxlan
    mechanism_drivers = opendaylight
    url =
    password = admin
    username = admin

  11. Its time to recreate neutron database for our Opendaylight. drop and create mysql neutron database. ‘sdn’ is my password , instead of this you have to use your neutron password.

     drop database neutron;
    create database neutron;
     grant all privileges on neutron.* to ‘neutron’@’localhost’ identified by ‘sdn’;
     grant all privileges on neutron.* to ‘neutron’@’%’ identified by ‘sdn’;

  12. Now run below command , I will update why we run this command ;).

    neutron-db-manage –config-file /etc/neutron/neutron.conf –config-file /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini upgrade head

  13. Now restart the neutron server using screen-X . which is explained in step 5.
  14. Thats it . To verify your integration create router, network and instances from horizon dashboard. Everything should be created smoothly . Please check neutron logs if something wierd happens.


  15. If you see create network postcommit error then most probably this is the issue with connectivity of ODL and Openstack machine. check wireshark logs on both side with tcp.port==8080.
  16. If you use proxy in ur machine then its chance integration may not happen successfully.

Thanks you reading , If you find any lag please comment and if u find any problem with integration then also comment.



CrystalEyes – World without visual aid (Part-II)

Welcome to the next Article of series “CrystalEyes-World without visual aid”.

I hope you practiced the exercises which were mentioned in previous Article. Now I will guide you to alter little bit in your lifestyle, which will help you in getting corrected vision. And by adopting these small-small things in your lifestyle leads you to a healthy life.

Step 3:- Stay Hydrated

         This is very important and only supplement which you need to correct your vision. Drink 2-3 glass of water early in the morning. This will not just help you to increase your awareness rather this will hydrate your body which was dehydrated. Drink atleast 4-5L of water in a day.

Step 4: Be Happy

          This is one of the most important step in your Vision improvement kit. “YOUR EMOTION AFFECT YOUR VISION”. If you can’t believe it still try this. When you are in joy mood then notice your vision, you could see much better. Now the question rays how could you be happy always :).  Do what you want to do, remind your joyful time as much as you can. Another way is a little bit spiritual way but Let me introduce this also.

If I would ask you, For how many days you can live without having food – 8 days, For how many days you can live without water 2-3 days , For how many days you can live without air – not even 3 minutes but we human beings always run for food. So I hope you got the point here that Breathe is the most important thing in our life. Now let’s talk more about breathe. Emotion affects our breathing pattern. When we run with negative emotions like guilt, anger, hatred, fear etc then our breathe become shallow on the other side when we run with positive emotions like joy, happy, gratitude, excitement etc then our breathe become deep. And the matter of fact is “REVERSE is also TRUE”. So if we take deep breathe then emotionally we would be happy that will lead to perfect vision. So be aware to your breathe and try to deep breath in as much as you can . Now question is How much deep ??? Breath in as deep which can fill your diaphragm. In continuation to this “DO BREATHING EXERCISE IN MORNING AND EVENING DAILY”. Just practice two Pranayam- AnulomVilom and Kapalbhati 15 minutes each in morning and evening. If you are not aware of these Pranayam then get help from YouTube.

Step5:- Prepare your vision

         This is the most important or I would say secret to reverse your vision. Daily practice of this ritual can transform your vision. Get the eyechart (chart which is used by Ophthalmologist to check your vision). Now just get A4 size print out of any of the eyechart. Paste this eyechart anywhere in your home preferably – place which has sufficient light and big space by which you can see this eye chart from at least 20 feet distance.

Now the secret is going to be revealed. Put your glasses/contact lenses off and try to read the full eyechart from near. Moto here is we have to read full eyechart. Now take a short step backward then again read. Repeat the same till you reach the point from where you get blurred vision of eyechart. Now with full focus try to read smallest alphabet of eyechart. Don’t worry if you are not able to. Just with full focus look at eyechart and try to read. I know you will not be able to but believe me, this is the secret and you will be able to read. Focus for atleast 5 minutes and mark the point which will play the role of your vision mark. You may get heavy head or burning eyes after these 5 minutes but this is normal because after so many days your eye muscles actually worked. Think about the analogy when you go gym first time and you get lots of pain but if you continue with gym the pain goes gradually and you get chiseled muscles.

Step6:- Give Blood to your eyes 

          Don’t panic, I am not asking you to pour blood drops in your eyes. What I mean here is allowing blood circulation towards head. So how can you do this?

1) Revolve your head clockwise and anticlockwise 20-20 times, perform this exerciseateast 5 times a day.

2) Massage your under and upper eyes part from nose to ears with fingertip of your index finger 20-20 times on lower and upper part. Perform this exercise whenever you get time atleast 3 times in a day. If you get difficulty like friction/scratching then apply some castor oil or water on finger tip then massage. With this castor oil application you can get rid of dark circles also. 

I hope all the 6 steps are clear to you and motivate you to see world without visual aids. Using this consistently you can heal your vision very soon. -1 Diopter can be corrected in less than 35 days easily. To stay motivated, read this article daily atleast for 21 days.

 Believe in yourself and God.

Put notification in your mobile Calendar by which you not miss any of your rituals.

Put sticky notes on your mobile screen with ”I AM HAVING HEALTHY EYES AND CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION” written  and whenever you use your mobile read this affirmation. Trust me this ritual will help you in correcting vision.

Endless Gratitude for Reading ….

Spread Love 


CrystalEyes-World without visual aid (Part-I)

First of all, I want to congratulate you to take initiative to leave your comfort zone and ready to adopt the way which leads you to SEE the charming world without any visual crutches like spectacles, Contact lenses or burned cornea (LASIK) NATURALLY.

The reason why you are reading this article is

  • If you uses glasses then probably
    1. You feel brutal with glasses.
    2. Your confidence level goes down with glasses.
    3. Your pretty face loses its charm in such big glasses.
  • If you use contact lenses then probably
    1. You don’t feel comfortable in putting lenses ON and OFF.
    2. It givesirritation in your eyes when you go outside or even a bit of dust particle enters your eyes.
    3. Sometimes it turns your eyes red.
    4. It gives dryness in your eyes.
    5. Most important, you are aware that use of CL can harm your eyes because cornea is the part of our body which breathes and regular use of CL can lead to more dangerous eye ailment like Glaucoma.
  • If you don’t want to go for LASIK then probably
    1. You don’t want to take risk to lie down under the knife of surgeon.
    2. You are aware that 97.5% LASIK surgery are successful. Still there is chance to failure.
  • If you have treated your eyes with LASIK then
    1. You are still facing problem in seeing distant
    2. You get regular headaches.
    3. You get dry eyes and you ophthalmologist prescribed you artificial tears (having carboxy methyl cellulose).

It is hard to describe  the journey to see world without glasses in a single article so it will be a series of 2 articles and now you are going to indulge yourself into Article number 1.

  So let’s begin your journey towards the world without glasses. 

But, before starting please remove from your belief system that which is said by your Ophthalmologist “You have to wear these glasses regularly from now”. Just Believe in yourself and your wish to see world without glasses (any visual aid) and I promise your vision will be corrected. The technique which I am going to share is very powerful can actually change your life.

Apology: – To all ophthalmologists, Eye care center, Contact lenses big brands. Please accept my apology because reader of this article is not going to pay anymore to you.

Step 1:- Understand the vision –

             Don’t expect any technical stuff here. I will not teach you anatomy of eye, if you are interested then Google it. From my side just take single sentence that “EYE is another part of your body” like your biceps, shoulder, triceps etc. As you can strengthen your all other muscles of body so you can strengthen your eye muscles also.

Now you will think from where this eye muscle  came into the picture. Just imagine your eye  as a camera and these eye muscles helps to change the focus by changing the shape of your eye ball.

To see far and near object your eye muscles changes the shape of the eye ball to get the correct image on your retina but unfortunately if you have vision problem then your eyes muscles are not able to work properly.This can be because of following reasons:

  • Eye muscles are not strong enough.
  • Eye muscles forgot to change the shape of your eye ball.
  • Lack of blood circulation around eye and eye muscles.

The most important point here is Point number 2 (Eye muscles forgot to change the shape of your eye ball). In our generation we are not habitual to see far objects and everything is near to us. Technology gives us so much that we are not supposed to see far  like Phone, Tablets, Phablets, Laptops, desktop etc because of this our eye forgot to see far objects.Technology has made our lives so easy that we don’t feel any need of seeing distant objects.

So from above words we have two approaches to make our eyes better

  • Leave the technology.
  • Strengthen the eye muscles.

This is for sure that we can’t leave the technology so we have only one approach left that is strengthen the eye muscles.

Step 2 :- Send your eyes to the Gym:-

           What the first thought comes in your mind when you hear the word GYM strength,Practice, exercise. Yeah we will do the same.

Now the  question is HOW????? .

How  we strengthen our biceps, Gluts, Hamstring, calves???? Ofcourse repeated exercise of up and down, right and left movements. And as I said our EYE is another part of the body. So Below are the 6 exercises which will be in your morning and evening ritual list. To understand the movement just consider your middle point of eyebrows as the center of a huge wall clock and you are suppose to see in the direction of said number/time of the wall clock. Just do one round in morning and in evening. It will not take more than 5 minutes.

  • 1 & 5:- Look towards right corner object as much as far you can then right down. Repeat 20 times.
  • 11 & 7:-Look towards left corner object as much as far you can then left down. Repeat 20 times.
  • Up &down: – Look to the middle point of your eyebrow then your nose tip. Repeat 20 times.
  • Clock movement:-Revolve your eyes in clockwise direction. Repeat 20 times.
  • Anti clock movement:-Revolve your eyes in clockwise direction. Repeat 20 times.
  • Squeeze:- Now squeeze your eye and look upward. Repeat 20 times.

These eye exercises are very powerful and continued practicing can show you results very soon.

So that’s it for this Article. Thank you for reading. See you in next Article…..